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Rodolfo Gutierrez Lawyer

Rodolfo Gutiérrez Lizarazo

Lawyer from Universidad Javeriana, with PGD in Administrative Law from the same University. Master of Laws (LLM) from King's College London (UK)

With over ten years of experience in public law matters, public and private selection processes, structuring of infrastructure and PPP projects, administrative law, elaboration and negotiation of private and public contracts. He has experience as advisor on public procurement and Administrative Law, focused on the coordination of tenders and contracts in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the Ministry of National Education, as well as in Brigard and Urrutia Abogados as associate lawyer, where for almost three years he advised national and foreign clients in these matters. He is currently lecturer in public procurements and PPP in Javeriana and Andes university.

Henry Lizarazo Lawyer

Henry Lizarazo Ocampo

Lawyer from Universidad Nacional Colombia, with PGD in Public Administration from lnstituto Nacional de Administración Pública - lNAP (Madrid - España) and Public Services from Universidad Externado de Colombia. Candidate for Master's Degree in Economic Law with an emphasis in Public Services from the Universidad Externado de Colombia.

Mr. Lizarazo is trained as a Conciliator from Escuela Judicial Rodrigo Lara Bonilla y de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá. Mr. Lizarazo has extensive legal and administrative experience in winding-up of public and private entities, as well as in public utilities providers, he has also extensive experience in negotiation processes, peaceful resolution of disputes through conflict resolution mechanisms such as conciliation. He has more than twenty years of professional experience, which included working as legal director of Telecom, Prosocial and Inravisión in liquidation, as well as experience in administrative, civil, commercial, labor and contractual law. Mr. Lizarazo has experience as professor and research in social and legal issues.

Ramon Hernandez Lawyer

Ramón Augusto Hernández Mayobre

Lawyer from la Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Venezuela with summa cum laude recognition. He made the bachelor law degree validation in Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá and is currently making a PGD in Tax Law in the same University.

He has over ten years of experience in taxation, specifically working in law firms in Venezuela and Colombia. He has also experience in customs law and international trade matters. Ramón has been a member of the Tax Team of Brigard & Urrutia Abogados in Bogotá and Baker & McKenzie in Caracas, where he advised national and international clients in matters related to national and local taxes, administrative proceedings involving tax matters, tax planning, application of treaties to avoid double taxation and compliance with formal tax obligations.

Adriana Cortés Lawyer

Adriana Cortés Pastrana

Graduated from Universidad de los Andes, with LL.M in International and Economic Law and Policy from Universidad de Barcelona.

Adriana has extensive experience providing legal advice to companies engaged in global transaction on customs, free trade zones, and in general all kinds of import and export operations. Likewise, she has experience in corporate matter, capital markets and foreign Exchange.

Miguel Quintero Lawyer

Miguel Ángel Quintero Lizarazo

Lawyer from Universidad Libre de Colombia, with PGD and Master in Administrative Law from the same university.

He has over fifteen years of experience in the public and private sector, among other areas. He served as an advisor on pension and labor issues in the Ministry of Labor and in the Congress of the Republic of Colombia. He also worked as auditor of surveillance and control of the Superintendence of Notaries and Registry, as well as Advisor of State Contracting matters at the Mayor's Office and at the Transportation Terminal of Bogotá.

Rodolfo Gutierrez Cepeda Lawyer

Rodolfo Gutiérrez Cepeda

Lawyer from Universidad Libre de Colombia. With PGD in Constitutional Law and Labor Law. Professor with emphasis in investigation, Public Law and Procedural Law at the same University. Candidate to Master Degree in Procedural Law at Universidad de Medellín.

He has more than twenty years of professional experience in labor, administrative and constitutional law, specifically in administrative and labor (before the ordinary jurisdiction). He has  also extensive experience as a university professor.

Marina Lizarazo Lawyer

Cruz Marina Lizarazo Ocampo

Lawyer from Universidad Libre de Colombia. With PGD in Constitutional and Family Law from the same university.

She has more than thirty years of professional experience, particularly in family and administrative law. During these years she has worked in important public and private positions, among others, as a family defender in the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF, by its acronyms in Spanish), she also worked as Consul of Colombia in Venezuela and Environmental and Agrarian Prosecutor at the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation.

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